As Irma gets closer to Georgia, a lot of people are looking for so-called "hurricane hacks."

We've activated our Verify Team to separate fact from fiction.

Your question: Will putting your important documents in the dishwasher keep them dry during a hurricane?

There are pictures circulating on social media of people placing documents in their dishwasher with the hopes that those important documents will remain safe and dry.

11Alive reached out to Kenmore, Whirlpool and General Electric.

"Appliances are not waterproof. We would not recommend what you are proposing nor would we recommend using an appliance for anything other than what it is designed for," GE Spokesperson Kim Freeman said.

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While the protectant seal along the dishwasher keeps water inside while in use, that does not mean it will keep water outside during a hurricane.

This hack has been verified as not true.


GE Spokesperson Kim Freeman


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