As he prepares to make his first speech to Congress, President Donald Trump said this on Fox News: "I think I've done just about more than anybody in the first four weeks."

Typically, presidents are graded on their first 100 days in office. He has about 60 more days before that book closes, but we can see how President Trump matches up to his own 100-day plan.

His goals break into four parts.

The first focuses on corruption. He said he would freeze hiring for federal workers and impose limits on lobbying for former government employees. He did those things, but has not proposed Congressional term limits, as promised.

The second set of executive actions focus on security and law and get the most attention. He's stepped up deportation of illegal immigrants, banned travel from seven Muslim-majority countries and pulled funding for "sanctuary cities." He also nominated Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court.

It gets spottier on his third set of promises to protect American workers. He did withdraw from the Trans-Pacific Partnership and green lit the Keystone XL Pipeline. He has not moved to renegotiate NAFTA or label China as a currency manipulator.

Those are all executive actions. His final part of the puzzle is legislation. The president has made almost no progress on his 10 priorities like a huge infrastructure rebuilding program and middle-class tax relief.

New laws, traditionally, are a key indicator for a president's first 100 days. Trump says he will focus on legislative priorities in Tuesday night speech, starting with repealing and replacing Obama Care.