Typically this position in the studio has not given a fair shake to Dallas Cowboys owner and GM, and Pro Football Hall of Famer Jerry Jones. But I'm here to right that wrong.

Your usual 10 p.m. sports anchor thinks Jerry is self-absorbed and coasting on the past. But maybe he's just looking in the mirror.

The Cowboys owner is about to release the player he's invested most in, both sentimentally and financially, all in service of the Cowboys future.

I can name 31 other teams that would love to have Jerry Jones cutting their checks. He's a visionary who has changed the NFL and truly made it America's pastime. Jerry is not a perfect owner; he may be too involved and his loyalty to veteran players has hamstrung the Cowboys in the past.

But his approach over the last several years has the Cowboys loaded with superstars in their early and mid-20s, and poised for an extremely bright future.

As the great businessman and leader T Boone Pickens says, "Work hard. Come early, stay late. That's the way leadership has to approach it."

And that's the way Jerry approaches it. No one puts more into the Cowboys organization than Jerry Jones. And he deserves more credit.

And I think its about time that the self-proclaimed hardest working man in show business gives him his due.