The search continues tonight for some good explanation for Bridget Alex about why her 6-month-old son Brandon is dead despite his babysitter trying three times to reach a 911 operator and never getting through.

It would be painful but acceptable if the babysitter was using the wrong equipment... called the wrong number…or the utilities went down leaving the city’s emergency lifeline without any means to answer or respond… or if this was the result of some new problem about which no one knew anything.

But none of those can be a defense... none an explanation good enough for a mother now forced to bury her child... or David Taffett who…administering CPR to his fallen husband… also could not get through in time.

What we are left with is finger pointing… a phone carrier blaming the city for a bad emergency system… the city blaming T-Mobile for not moving quickly enough to fix a problem.

It’s not as if they hadn’t been warned. Rebecca Lopez, Tanya Eiserer countless others have done stories for months pointing out the shortfalls of the city’s emergency call center… the 911 backlog… even warning it could cost a life.

Now, some argue, it has.

And now, no doubt… behind the scenes… lawyers are involved… worrying about who gets blamed for not providing a reliable, sufficiently staffed emergency system.

Once again we are reminded… that while Dallas strives to be a world class city... with visions of more deck parks and fancy golf long as 6 month olds and desperate adults seeking rescue are put on hold… we are anything but.

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