Considering the real life nightmares, we sometimes wake up to there’s one story from this week I just couldn’t let pass without a little bit of praise.

There are still some...some truly good Samaritans.

We met two Tuesday.

Our Hannah Davis reported about Plano police detective Jon Hoffman chasing down a man who had dashed from a 7-Eleven, having just snatched a bucket of money that good people had donated to support cancer research.

Hoffman, caught him, but the man resisted and they grappled leaving Hoffman calling out for help.

Nowadays a lot of people would figure "it''s none of my business...I’m staying out of it."

But just across the street, two men: Kirby Sample and his friend Harvey saw detective Hoffman struggling to keep from drawing a weapon to defend himself and quickly came to his aid by subduing the suspect.

"He could have easily pulled his gun but he didn't. He did it the right way," Kirby said.

A grateful Hoffman told them how good it felt as an officer, to know citizens had his back.

It’s especially gratifying when you consider Sample and Harvey have both seen better times. Kirby was across the street at the time looking for a day labor job.

Harvey is homeless and in the past had his own run-ins with the law.

"I've been on the wrong side of the law several times in my life. It feels extremely good to be on the right side and do something positive," Harvey said.

Detective Hoffman bought the men lunch...and no doubt can provide a pretty good reference for any potential employer who might be looking for a few good men.

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