Our world doesn’t seem ready for Christmas does it? Crime everywhere...sexual shenanigans among our leaders. We need reminders sometimes of the gift of redemption that is at the heart of the holiday season.

Kevin Reece provided one this week. He told the story of High school dropout Keenan Williams... shot 5 times… arrested &b jailed 45 times... imprisoned for aggravated robbery. But now he is saying thank you to the Grand Prairie Police officer who sent him to prison.

You see, Keenan Williams is a different man now...an educated, successful business owner, contented husband and father...He speaks at prisons, schools because that cop who locked him up showed him a moment of respect: gave him time to meet with his family before he headed off to prison and turned his life around.

Demond Fernandez introduced us to 82-year-old Beatrice Stevenson… Her tornado-ravaged Lancaster home still sits in serious disrepair 5 years after the storm...She had lost hope when... after Demond’s story about her aired, strangers bearing gifts of

home repair services showed up and started starting a massive refurbishment.

Even Santa … hits a rough patch from time to time.

He told Hannah Davis that one year ago, he lost his hair and beard…(a bout with leukemia like he had will do that to you) He sat out the whole season and that hurt more than the cancer treatment…However. this year with the leukemia well managed… he’s back... So is his hair and beard... or most of it...

Having returned to what he loves, Santa, also known as Bill Harrison, has restored the smiles he so desperately missed to the faces of children who desperately missed him.

Stories of rescue from despair… stories of redemption.

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