Even the longest books you read have a final chapter, but for some reason the recurring nightmare that unfolded last weekend in Balch Springs still has no end.

It makes no sense that Jordan Edwards did not sleep comfortably last night in his own bed just down the hall from his own parents, he  did not make it to school this morning, nor will he Monday or any Monday after that.

...no sense that a 15-year-old out with family and friends and in no way violating the law must lose his life at the hands of police.

And clearly the Chief of Police in Balch Springs agrees.

On one day hearing his officer’s explanation, he quite rightly came to his defense, but upon viewing the video evidence of what occurred and seeing divergence between what he was told and what he saw he not only reversed himself but divorced himself and his entire department from the officer who claimed he’d felt threatened.

I do not believe all officers are evil, nowhere close. In fact, the overwhelming majority are good people keeping criminals out of our homes.

But I too have a son, once a teen for whom every night I prayed and still pray that should he come across an officer, the encounter will, unlike Jordan Edwards', be a safe one for all involved.

All eyes now rightly rest on the district attorney demanding an accounting for the loss of a life, but we must be very careful.

With so much crime this week: the death of Jordan Edwards, Harrison Brown on the UT Austin campus, the shooting of a Dallas firefighter, we are hearing not just from the rightly concerned and outraged, but the lunatics among us… who, sensing anger and frustration believe it momentarily safe to emerge from beneath the social media rocks under which they normally hide and shout for more violence...threaten more people.

Can we please...for a moment...just stop all the texting and posting.

...allow a pause in the insults and sniping and take a moment to offer comfort to the still grieving family of Jordan Edwards.