Asher Johnson has spent the last week marching through fields and brush across Tarrant County. The 25-year-old brings his dog as he looks for his twin sister who disappeared Monday outside her apartment.

"My heart is going a million beats a second there are so many people who have come out to help," Asher said.

This week police arrested Typhenie Johnson's ex-boyfriend Christopher Rivell for kidnapping. Rivell was the last person seen with Johnson before she disappeared. Asher told police he saw Rivell closing his trunk before he drove away from the apartment complex where he was last seen with Typhenie. According to an arrest affidavit Asher told officers he walked over to where the car was parked and found Typhenie's cellphone on the ground. Soon after Asher called police.

"We're going to start looking again tomorrow at 11:00 a.m.," Asher said.

Typhenie's mother Deborah Johnson Strub also addressed the public to thank them for their help Saturday.

"We just hope we find her safe," Strub said as she fought back tears.

The family says they are beyond grateful to police, especially thanking several officers who continued to look on their days off.

"What more can you ask," Asher said.

As for Typhenie's family, they say they won't stop looking until their loved one is found.