TYLER -- When tornados ripped through East Texas the night of April 29, three generations of a Canton family was thrown from their family's home. They feel lucky to be alive.

Stacey Buck was shooting video on her cell phone as the storm blew closer to her father's home.

"The trees were blowing one way and then they started blowing in the other direction," she said. "It wasn’t that train sound, it was like a low roar."

In the video you hear her call for her 84-year-old father to move away from the window. Then her 12-year-old daughter screams.

"She was hollering and screaming at me, and I said ‘Just pray, just pray, just pray,'" said Buck. "And then the next thing I knew I could feel her being pulled from me."

When it was over all three of them were picked up by the storm, landing in the mess of what was left of their home.

"I would not wish on my worst enemy, to have your child ripped from your arms and you can’t get them," said Buck.

They have broken ankles and punctured wounds to show for it. Buck’s feet are the worst off, and they’ll keep her at East Texas Medical Center for a while. But what pains her more is knowing how much need there is back home.

She asks if you see a way to donate, please do because there are many like her still healing, hurt by what happened when her cell phone video cut out.

If you'd like to help this family, visit their GoFundMe page here.