DALLAS – A large donation of medical devices and shoes is expected to make a major impact with some diabetic patients living in Dallas.

Baylor Scott & White Health recently received a donation of more than 7,700 pairs of diabetic shoes through its Faith in Action Initiatives Office of Mission & Ministry.

If you were to walk a mile in the shoes of Rachel and Freddie Gonzalez, the couple says up until a week ago, it was a painful task.

“The pain is very excruciating,” Rachel Gonzalez said.

The East Dallas couple has been living with diabetes for several years. The husband and wife were diagnosed at different times.

“You can only eat certain things,” Rachel explained. “You can only do certain things. Your activities change. I mean, your whole body just changes.”

The changes and complications from the disease has been tough on both their feet.

Freddie has experienced throbbing.

“I was dealing with a lot of foot pain,” he said.

Rachel is being treated for calluses and foot ulcers. They are conditions health care workers say can lead to amputations if untreated or if the patient doesn’t receive proper care.

Now, the couple is finding comfort wearing newly donated diabetic shoes. They are something staff at Baylor Community Care Clinics say is hard to come by for many patients.

“Almost all of our patients here are low income and uninsured,” said Dr. Jeffrey Zsohar. He is Medical Director of the Community Care Clinics.

Zsohar says patients often complain about spending up to $150 on medical devices like diabetic shoes.

“It’s not something that they typically can afford, if they are struggling to put food on their plate, or even medicines that we are helping them to get,” Zsohar explained.

Now, some patients are getting a chance to pick up the diabetic shoes at no cost, thanks to a national organization’s donation to Faith in Action Initiatives.

The center’s Director, Donald Sewell, says the donated shoes are going to patients locally and internationally. It’s an effort to help them avoid complications and improve quality of life.

“It’s like I’m walking on air,” Rachel Gonzales explained as she walked in her new shoes. She and her husband say the shoes are already making a big difference on their feet.