ALLEN – After more wicked weather Saturday, the sun came out and the show could finally go on at Allen High School.

Originally scheduled for Friday night, it was time for the pomp and circumstance two rain delays later.

The class of 2017 is the largest in school history with 1,551 seniors collecting diplomas.

Nearly 11,000 friends and family came from far and wide filling about three-quarters of the football stadium. By Saturday afternoon, umbrellas were blocking the sun instead of the rain, and programs turned into fans to help beat the heat.

Amanda French traveled from Ohio to watch her son graduate.

"After the ceremony was pushed off last night, people had to leave this morning,” she said. “So, that kinda sucks for a lot of kids who had family here for one night only. But we're excited now!"

Most people weren't too upset with the delay.

“We’re just glad to get her across that stage today,” said Julia Anderson who traveled from East Texas to support her granddaughter. “Rain or shine.”

But the weather did cause some last-minute change of plans.

"We had some people who had to cancel dinners, some people who had to cancel their parties,” said Jerusalem Assefa who came with a host family to watch her cousin. “It was definitely not the best thing to happen."

It took about two-and-a-half-hours to get through the 10 pages of names all leading to the best part – the cap toss.

Now summer can officially begin.