On a normal day The American Fallen Soldiers Projects in Addison is full of heroes, portraits of men and women killed serving their country since 9/11 hang on the walls. Wednesday the heroes were still there, but so were questions.

"I don't know how anyone could do this," said Lisa Taylor, cofounder of the DFW based national non-profit.

Tuesday night someone or a group of people shattered a window and broke into the art gallery. They stole several computers totaling $15,000. The gallery holds reproductions of portraits of fallen soldiers, the originals are given to surviving family members.

"We get calls after they've gotten the portrait and they say it's like having them back home," Taylor said.

Taylor's husband is the artist behind the works. He paints portraits and delivers them across the country and Tuesday's break in will cut into their budget to do that.

"I hope they see this and realize what they've done," Taylor said.

Surveillance video captured some of the activity inside the gallery Tuesday night. You can see at least one man running from room to room grabbing computers and taking them outside.

If you have any information about the crime you're asked to call Addison police.