More than three years ago, a dog named Beau wandered away from a family's home in Katy.

This week, that dog miraculously was found.

Leslie and Michael LaBounty adopted Beau from Citizens for Animal Protection when he was a puppy. The Rhodesian ridgeback mix became part of their family, and their two sons adored him.

"We rescued him at about 4 months old," said Michael LaBounty. "He was the cutest little puppy you ever saw. We had him for about two-and-a-half years, and one day we came home from dinner, and he was gone."

The story begins in March 2014. That is when Beau wandered off after a storm blew their back gate open.

"It was devastating," Leslie LaBounty said. "I instantly had a feeling we were never going to get him back."

The family said they went on every website, used social media, and went to as many kennels and shelters as they could. But after a year of searching and a year of grieving, they said they had to move on.

Eventually they got Zeus, a black lab mix.

Little did they know Beau had wandered some 12 miles from home to a construction site that was soon to be home to two Katy ISD schools.

A group of women decided to try and capture Beau, but it wasn't easy. After many failed attempts, they were about to call it quits, but no one wanted to see Beau end up in a shelter. They decided to give it one last try.

“This amazing group of ladies went there Monday night and never gave up,” Leslie LaBounty said.

Construction workers fed him but once the project was complete, rescue and volunteer workers stepped in. They caught Beau and scanned him for a microchip, which brought him back to the LaBountys.

Late Monday night, their phone rang with shocking news: Beau had been found.

Cell phone video captured the reunion the family never thought would happen late Monday night.

"It was just disbelief," Leslie LaBounty said. "He was sedated and out of it but as soon as I saw him, I said that's my Beau. I was just bawling."

The LaBountys stress the importance of getting your dogs microchipped because otherwise they believe this reunion would never had happened.

The family said Beau recognized them immediately, even remembering his commands as if he never left.