You don't have to be a Horned Frog fan to appreciate the team's success.

"Honestly my mind is blown, because, I mean—four years in a row? It’s hard to go one year, let alone four years," says TCU fan Maurice Ahern.

But for Ahern, this year's trip to the College World Series is especially sweet.

For years, his little boy Micah was a beloved part of the team. TCU Baseball signed him to a contract during his battle with cancer.

Last year, after getting to see the team's third consecutive trip to the World Series, Micah passed away. But his father says Micah's presence, and his "Never Ever Give Up" or NEGU attitude have stayed with the team.

Players continue to use the NEGU phrase. Ahern says many players have an "M" on their hats. His son's likeness is on a mural in the locker room, and his family's been bringing Micah's framed photo to the games.

"I woke up Sunday, and it was if Micah was saying, Dad—they’re gonna win this!" Ahern says.

Not only did the team win Sunday, sending them to the College World Series again, the coach also presented Micah's parents each with a team ring. It had his name engraved on it, along with the initials NEGU: Never Ever Give Up.

The gesture brought Ahern to tears.

"Don’t count this team out because this team is Micah Strong, and they’re not going to give up," he says.