DALLAS – The final preparations were underway Friday for the upcoming Mega March 2017. Today several participants spoke to reporters about why they will be marching.
This Sunday, at least 100,000 people from all walks of life are expected to march through downtown Dallas for unity and immigration reform. On Friday, march organizers held a press conference highlighting the immigrant experience in Dallas.

There to share their story ahead of the march were two refugees who fled war-torn Syria.

“The last year in Syria was very hard,” said Afnan Al Sidawy, who arrived in the U.S. just a few months ago. “A lot of bombs I see. And the children how they cry.”

She was joined by another Syrian refugee who arrived three years ago and is now a senior at Lake Highlands High School.
“We get out of Turkey with $40,” said Ghufran Alrahal, fighting back tears. “We came here to reach our dream, to live a good life, and achieve what we want.”   

The march comes at a time when the world is watching a new chapter unfold in the crisis in Syria.

President Trump ordered a missile attack Thursday night on a Syrian air force base in reaction to this week's chemical weapons attack. U.S officials say 59 tomahawk missiles were launched from destroyers in the Mediterranean Sea. Meanwhile, controversy continues to swirl over President Trump's travel ban.

“My work is helping these people and make their life easy here. These people are human beings,” said Hala Halabi from the Islamic Circle North America Relief Dallas. She helps refugee resettle in Dallas.

“People they don’t know who, are the refugees, my work is to show them this is the real people, this is the real refugees, there’s families, they’re like human being like you, they’re coming here to find a new life, to find safety, to find future for their kids," she said.

Also speaking Friday were several dreamers, those brought to the U.S. as undocumented children.

The last Mega March was in 2006. It had some 500,000 marchers in the streets. Like the previous march, organizers say the event will be a peaceful one.