DALLAS – Police have arrested one of the suspects believed to have broken into a home in east Dallas as a woman was sleeping.

Raymond Sigarst, 18, is charged with Burglary of a Habitation. He is one of four men suspected of breaking into a home near Ross Avenue and Peak early Sunday morning. The crime was caught on the home’s surveillance system. One of the suspects had a pistol during the burglary.

The homeowner, Daniel Marks, published video of the burglary and images of the suspects on social media. Following news reports of the crime, the first arrest was made.

Marks said, “Finding out that he’s 18 years old, you know, it saddens me quite a bit, that someone so young could do something so terrible and ruin the next years of their life.”

Court documents revealed Sigart’s father made him turn himself into police after they saw the surveillance images of the burglary on local news.

Video shows the suspects running from Marks’ home with a large amount of electronics. Police sources believe the group may be linked to other burglaries.

Marks says his gut reaction was to post the surveillance video to social media. It was an effort to alert neighbors.

“I wanted it out there,” Marks said. “There’s other people who could be harmed by these kids. They need to be caught and punished.”

With one suspect in jail, and at least three more yet to be identified and arrested by police, Marks says he plans to continue sharing the surveillance video.

Sigarst remains in jail on a $2,500 bond.