CADDO MILLS – Dogs, cats, kittens and even a pig were removed from a home in Caddo Mills Wednesday.

“These animals were being held in cruel conditions,” said SPCA spokeswoman Maura Davies. “I always say, if you see something say something.”

And someone in Hunt County did see something. An anonymous tipster told authorities that a number of animals were living in deplorable conditions at the home of Richard Wayne McGee.

Based on that tip, the SPCA and Hunt County Constable Terry Jones responded, and removed nine cats, five dogs, three kittens and one pig from the property.

“These house was covered in feces, soaked in urine, there was a lot of garbage, refuge, furniture, old things piled around,” said Davies. “The animals were all living in that environment.”

Wednesday’s round-up would be the third time authorities said they’ve seized animals from McGee. In 2012, the SPCA of Texas removed 48 animals from the home. McGee was later convicted of animal cruelty and served several months in jail, according to the Hunt County Constable.

The SPCA then removed animals from the home again in 2013 – that time taking five dogs and two kittens.

“We tried to work with him, and we’re here again with this,” Constable Jones said. “It’s come to us having to take action.”

For those wondering why this keeps happening, it may come down to Texas law. The level of punishment doesn’t increase until the third conviction. McGee only has one conviction.

“The hardest part about animal rescues in general is seeing the animals suffer,” said Davies.

WFAA-TV went to the home on Thursday to try to speak with McGee. A man who stepped out from the home said he was McGee’s brother. He would not answer our questions.

“That’s none of your business, or anybody else’s down this street, or anybody else in the United States business but ours,” the man said. “They shouldn’t have given that information out.”

The animal cruelty investigation is ongoing and charges are pending. A custody hearing for the animals is scheduled for March 8.