SOUTHLAKE, TX—Football fans in Southlake Carroll are on the edge of their seats for all the wrong reasons after the team’s successful coach, Hal Wasson, was suddenly placed on administrative leave Wednesday.

District officials said that Wasson would be on leave until it could review the “culture of the football program.”

The Carroll school district said it would also be reviewing the football program's "procedures as they relate to [University Interscholastic League] rules" and "ensuring employees' understanding and compliance with district policies, practices, and guidelines," a statement said.

Wasson is 121-26 since he took over for the Dragons in 2007. His win percentage is over 80%, and he led the team to the 2011 Class 5A Division I state championship.

When asked, Wasson declined to speak with WFAA on Thursday. District officials never got back to News 8 when we asked for an interview with them.

As of Thursday, no official complaints had been filed against the program with the University Interscholastic League.

The short of it? Season ticket holders across town want to know what’s going on.

At the Feedstore BBQ, owner Mike Lafavers fears the district is trying to edge Wasson out since his last state championship win was 7 years ago.

“It’s like any other team out there, people do get disappointed and they want a winner,” Lafavers said.

At the shop “Gameday,” which sells Southlake Carroll merchandise, owners Jamie and Jeff Baker were speechless, to say the least.

“We love our coaches and we love our players, so it was a little bit shocking to hear that there was anything going on,” Jamie Baker said.

The couple and their customers are hoping no wrongdoing sparked the review.

“People are just trying to figure out what’s fact versus rumor,” Jeff Baker said.

As for Lafavers, he wants the situation to get resolved fast—adding that kickoff for the 2018 season isn’t far away.

“I need this to come to a conclusion so that we can get excited about next year rather than what’s going on now,” Lafavers said.

Carroll ISD issued the following statement to WFAA regarding Wasson:

"The district is conducting an Administrative Review of the Football Program. The review was prompted by concerns regarding various aspects of our program, including the culture of the program for our students and staff, questions about UIL rules and whether or not operations and practices align with district policies and procedures. These concerns were raised internally by our own observations and also through information provided by others.

The district contacted the UIL to notify them of our review and will share findings once the review is complete. We anticipate that it will take a least a week if not more for the review to be complete and the report to be sent to the UIL."

Wasson's attorney released the following statement to WFAA:

Coach Wasson attorney letter by wfaachannel8 on Scribd