FORT WORTH -- A private search team continued looking today for any sign of the Fort Worth couple who went missing in the Bahamas nearly three weeks ago.

According to family members, a team focused on Harbor Island, not far from where Forrest Sanco and Donna Grant were last seen on Sept. 26. They were flying in his Cessna 150 from North Eleuthera Airport to Run Key, but they never arrived.

"He wanted to take her to this beautifully romantic place, and they were going to get married once they got to that island," said Sue McDaniel, Sanco's sister.

McDaniel said that the family is still holding onto hope that Sanco and Grant will be found alive. Bahamian authorities are leading the search effort, and they had asked for help from U.S. Coast Guard, who performed some searches. However, the Coast Guard confirmed today that they are no longer involved.

Family and friends are raising funds for a private search effort, using a GoFundMe page. They believe it is essential to look for leads to encourage Bahamian authorities to focus on the search effort.

"From what we understand, they have to find something from the aerial search with the men that are working for us before they can get the Coast Guard to go out and check out anything," said McDaniel. "We have to have a lead for them to go on."

McDaniel said her brother is a fun-loving, free spirited man who has a daredevil streak. He and Grant were high school friends who found love decades later. He is an engineer, and she is a nurse who recently relocated to Fort Worth to begin their life together.

"There's been a lot of people who survive a lot longer stranded," said McDaniel. "So that just gives me more hope that it's going to turn out good."