Jennifer Russell didn't think this day would come. Ten months after a horrific road rage crash nearly killed her, the Denison woman is taking her first steps.

"Everything has been a big milestone lately," said Russell.

She told WFAA the last time she took steps before Monday was into the car she nearly died in 10 months ago.

"They had to have assumed we were dead in that car; they just left," said Russell.
Russell was in the vehicle with her boyfriend when she says he got into an altercation with the driver of another car. Russell says the initial interaction was verbal, but then turned physical while both vehicles were stopped next to each other.

Russell tells WFAA the driver of the other vehicle had raced in front of them and slammed on the brakes. She says it forced them into oncoming traffic.

Just last week police arrested two men: Joshua Haliburton and Tripp Bird. The Grayson County District Attorney's Office tells WFAA both face aggravated assault charges, along with others.

"I need closure. I need to see them and look at them and show them what they did to me," said Russell.

She says if they are indicted and if it goes to trial, she has every plan to be there in court.

Russell wanted to the thank the Texas Department of Public Safety detective who kept the case alive over the past 10 months. She even wanted to thank the two witnesses who she says came forward with information about the driver.

The return to normalcy is a long ways away. She hopes to one day walk outside and play and dance with her daughter again.

"I'm going to be moving again. This has been a long process," she said.

The medical bills have started to pile up and a GoFundMe account has been created to help with those bills.