RICHARDSON -- If you saw their video, we doubt you’ve forgotten it.

In late February, the parents of Kara Zartler took a risk by publicly posting a video showing their daughter's symptoms at their worst. They did it to show what happened next. It's Kara, being calmed by vaporized cannabis.

The clip was seen by millions on Facebook.

"Oh it was really crazy," said mom Christy Zartler.

3 months later, they're taking stock of their decision.

"I didn't expect the volume of people that said 'Woah, our child's just like yours,'" said Mark Zartler, Kara's father.

"There was no intent of removing Kara from the home, which I was very pleased," said Christy.

They say that CPS case is now closed. From there, they pushed for House Bill 2107, expanding the access of patients with debilitating illnesses to use medical marijuana.

The Zartler's were back and forth to Austin several times to campaign for the bill to be put on the legislative calendar. Even with bipartisan support, they learned last week it wouldn't be heard this session.

"The first 24 hours I was crying, I was upset," said Christy. "Then, I don't know, the next day after I slept on it, I felt like we have so much more to do."

The next session is in 2019, and the Zartler's feel their odds of getting a bill heard will only get better. Until then, they'll keep building on the momentum gained by their personal moment that became a public plea.

"I would do it again," said Mark, of sharing the video publicly. "It's worth kind of making a stand about something."