U.S. Rep. Marc Veasey assailed Donald Trump and said the Republican presidential nominee puts Texas Democrats in their best position in years to turn the state purple.

“For Republicans that are out there – Republicans that really have a conscience – there’s no need to go in there and vote for someone has called women pigs, that has put down POWs, he has made fun of John McCain, someone that continues to show that they do not have the temperament and shows that they are unfit to be the United States President,” said Veasey on WFAA’s Inside Texas Politics Sunday morning.

“I’m asking Republicans in the fall – split your ticket. Do not vote for this man. It will be an embarrassment to the country.”

The interview was recorded Friday morning, before the latest Trump revelations from 2005 became public.

Two recent statewide polls have shown Trump leads Clinton in Texas by single digits – closer than previous presidential races in 2012 and 2008.

“We think now is the best time we’ve really had to be competitive in the State of Texas,” said Veasey.

Democrats say Trump’s unpopularity in Texas means some local races are now more competitive. The party has also formed a large group of veteran Democratic leaders called the Victory Leaders Council – an effort to get more down ballot Democrats elected in Texas.

“With the just asinine comments that Donald Trump has made over the past year – just the derogatory comments he has made about women, he has made about other people – we think that now is the time for us to put this council together and really start looking at how we’re going to make this state purple,” added Veasey on WFAA.

But the North Texas congressman was asked whether controversy surrounding the current nominee was giving Texas Democrats false hope that this state might be in play sooner rather than later.

“It was a Clinton that won Georgia last time. If you think about that. When you look at states like Texas, Georgia, Missouri, North Carolina, where Hillary is still holding her own and fighting we think we have a really good chance – just because of the imbecile things that Donald Trump has said. The things he continues to say – puts down people. We think we have a really good chance to be competitive.”

Veasey is also the lead plaintiff in the state’s voter ID case ascending in the courts.

Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton asked the U.S. Supreme Court to take up the case and Veasey said he thinks the justices will consider it.

“I believe the Supreme Court will take the case up. That’s why really this campaign and this election is really more important in any that we’ve seen in a long time. We need everyone to go out and vote. Either Hillary Clinton or Donald Trump is going to pick the next Supreme Court Justice of the United States,” said Veasey.

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