Texas State Representative Jason Villalba R-Dallas, apologized Saturday after responding to a tweet from a lobbyist by calling him 'fat' and 'stupid'.

The Twitter insults began last month when Aaron Harris (@aaronh125) tweeted at Villalba: ‘If the candy jar watcher @JasonVillalba was gone tomorrow from #TXLege no difference would be felt. He is not a factor.'

Villalba waited until Friday to respond including this tweet: ‘It must be awful to be @aaronh125. No wife. No family. Fat. Stupid. Never heard by people that matter. Totally irrelevant. Oh. And a joke.

Saturday morning, Villalba apologized in another tweet: ‘I want to apologize to @aaronh125 for comments I issued last night. They were beneath the dignity of the office and inappropriate. #apology.'

WFAA reached out to Rep. Villalba who had no further comment.