On Wednesday Senator Ted Cruz held a town hall, hosted by Concerned Veterans for America. Topics ranged from Obamacare to VA Healthcare.

"Giving real veterans choice...real choice, robust choice, " said Senator Cruz. Senator Cruz told a crowd of nearly 125 people inside the Sheraton Hotel conference room that the VA system is inefficient. He says giving veterans a choice is a start for that fix.

"If veterans have the power to choose healthcare professionals, you wanna choose that empowers you and improves the whole system," he said.

While a choice-centered program currently exists, the Texas Senator says it is incredibly narrow. His recommendation would be for a system with "robust choice."

Cruz says the competition would drive the VA to perform more efficiently.

Just outside the hotel, more than 125 protestors showed up to share their disapproval with Senator Cruz and Congress.

"They're ripping apart things that work for people, so they're hurting people," said Judith Davis.

Meanwhile, inside Senator Cruz says the VA needs accountability. He believes his proposal for an Information Technology Chief can help.

"If you look at IT, IT has been a particularly troubled area for the VA," the senator said.

Cruz said if there was a better infrastructure for better logs and better tracking, veterans wouldn't fall through the cracks.

The repeal of Obamacare came up too briefly. Cruz says getting all Senate Republicans to agree has been the challenge.

Natalie Cortez says she has Stage 4 cancer and was one of many carrying signs about her disapproval with Cruz and Congress. He says the system Cruz claims is broken has helped her.

"I don't know how much time I have left, but I'm going to keep fighting," Cortez said.

Fighting is happening on both sides. On Wednesday, those sides were just feet apart in McKinney.