DALLAS -- It's not every day you see a school bus pulling into a polling place.

But on Thursday, 26 excited Cedar Hill High School students walked off a bus at Mountain Creek Library in Dallas, ready to vote for the first time.

The school helped 70 students register to vote, but some were on field trips or away from campus.

The school always encourages students to register, but this is the first time anyone can remember the school helping take students to the polls.

Some of the students, teachers say, wouldn't have been able to go on their own. Thursday, they voted for the first time amongst friends and classmates.

"It’s actually good we can experience this not just as an individual but as a whole class, a senior class," said senior Marlisa Williams.

Teachers and volunteers hope it starts a lifelong tradition.

"This makes me so happy to see these young people have the motivation to get out and vote because they are our future," said Shirley Daniels, a PTA parent.

Some students admit to being nervous while they stood in line to cast their vote, because they weren't sure what to expect.

But when they walked out of the ballot box, all were excited they had the opportunity to make their voices heard.

"I made a difference," said Yazmine May, who turned 18 this month. "I feel like my mom is going to be proud. My dad, I just I voted, yay!"

"I finally voted," said senior Tarrik Roque. "It was really good."

Students said they had been talking about the election in class, and were anxious to cast their votes.

Teachers say they hope to bus students to the polls for the next presidential election in 2020, too.