DALLAS -- With the James Comey hearing on the TV near the window, Cindi's Delicatessen customer Darryl Williams thought the moment deserved an extra special breakfast prayer.

"We just leave all this in your hand. You know the future Lord," Williams said as he and his wife held hands to say grace before breakfast at the downtown Dallas restaurant, admitting he was seeking an answer to prayer and an answer to his suspicions.

"There is more beyond what is said and what is going on," Williams told WFAA. "And I hope down the road truth will come out."

There were obvious suspicions and obvious responses among Democrats at a watch party near Fair Park at the Dallas County Democratic Party Headquarters. Over donuts, mimosas and occasional games of "Comey Bingo," the crowd of roughly three dozen people sided nearly with Mr. Comey's every word during his nearly three hours of testimony.

"Well it's pretty damning testimony," said Blythe Randolph. "I knew it was going to be pretty extraordinary, but it's even more salacious than I thought it would be."

"I had a pretty low opinion to begin with," Democrat Paul Heller said of President Trump. "And I think this reaffirms it."

"I think the only time he let his bias come out is when he called Trump a liar," added Brenda Martinez of the fired and now former FBI Director's testimony. "But again, we've known that for a while."

What they didn't know is that a Republican was in this Democratic watch party too. His name is Peter Schroer. He's a Mesquite-area Republican precinct chair.

"It seems like a lot of nothing," he said of Comey's testimony after the viewing party was over, saying he heard nothing that changes his mind about Mr. Trump, that he heard no smoking gun in Comey's testimony.

"There was nothing obstruction here. And impeachable? You have to have something to charge on that, and there's nothing chargable here at all. I just don't see this as being all the bailiwick this was meant to be."

Bailiwick, by the way, means an area of study or intense interest. And that's about the only thing on which both sides would agree. The bailiwick of Trump and Comey and Russians and emails, who is lying to whom isn't going away anytime soon.