The state Senate has conducted marathon sessions, working overnight and long days on the floor to pass 18-bills in seven days. Lt. Gov. Patrick said it is a record. State Senator Don Huffines, R-Dallas, was there for each vote, and joined host Jason Whitely and Bud Kennedy of the Star-Telegram to discuss which pieces of legislation have the best chance of becoming law.

Police chiefs from Houston, Austin and San Antonio joined officers and deputies from across the state to oppose the bathroom bill. A police major from Dallas said the department couldn't find a single case in the last three years of a woman or girl being attacked by a man in a public restroom. Ross Ramsey, the co-founder and executive editor of the Texas Tribune, was asked who exactly police were speaking to; either House Republicans or Governor Abbott and Lt. Gov. Patrick? Ramsey also discussed the status of other bills under consideration, and what happens to legislation the House is passing but isn’t part of Governor Abbott's call.

The president's Tweet caught many including the Pentagon off guard. Donald Trump said he'll ban transgender troops from serving in the military. Attorney and activist Debbie Georgatos, from 660 AM The Answer, argues why that is the right call in My Voice, My Opinion.

Opponents of the bathroom bill have collected support from police departments to some of the state's biggest businesses. The question is can those organizers harness any of that influence into political power next year? Are they even interested in that and which incumbents might they target? Steve Rudner, chairman of Equality Texas, appeared in studio.

Debbie Georgatos made a case of support for the president’s ban on transgender troops. Now, the other side. Here's author and producer Katie Sherrod.

Reporters roundtable puts the headlines in perspective each week. Bud and Ross returned to discuss whether targeting transgender individuals is part of a wider Republican strategy for the 2018 elections, how long the Texas House can ignore bills the state Senate passed, and with the president’s attacks on his own attorney general, what it would take for Texas Republicans to lose faith in Trump.