Following 15 hours of debate on what Texas will spend money on over the next two years, the Texas House approved its multi-billion dollar budget in a 129-18 vote over hundreds of proposed changes. The question now is on what will the two chambers compromise when they meet in a conference committee? Two house members, State Republican Representative Matt Krause from Fort Worth, and Arlington’s Democratic Representative Chris Turner discussed that question with host Jason Whitely and Bud Kennedy of the Star-Telegram.


On a bipartisan proposal that resulted in a unanimous vote, starting this summer the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission can no longer take out of state trips. Ross Ramsey, the co-founder and executive editor of the Texas Tribune, discussed how much the trouble the agency is in,  whether the legislature should be mandating who gets in Texas colleges, and how the Texas House handles the Texas Senate’s vote to freeze college tuition for two years, and then cap tuition increases at 1 percent after that.


Prosecutors will likely finish their case against Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price in the upcoming week. But the judge scolded prosecutors last week for not turning over all documents to the defense in a timely manner. Former prosecutor Aaron Wiley will explore if that'll hurt the prosecution, and will Commissioner Price testify. Aaron Wiley spent 16 years at Dallas’ U.S. Attorney’s office and is a former state and county prosecutor.


This week’s Flashpoint refocuses on a tweet from President Donald Trump. Trump said President Barack Obama wiretapped him? No evidence exists to support President Trump’s claim. Now Republicans are pointing to President Obama's National Security Advisor Susan Rice. From the right – Mark Davis of 660 AM The Answer. And from the left – Rich Hancock from Virtual News


Reporters roundtable put the headlines in perspective each week. Bud and Ross returned to discuss if the upcoming Mega March in Dallas will make a difference on President Donald Trump’s policies, state lawmakers efforts to ban texting and driving, and the two Texans who were promoted in D.C., Rick Perry to National Security Council and Congressman Mike Conaway to take over the House intelligence investigation into Russian election interference.