It was the video that had Texans talking last week showing a rare moment when a state senator lost his cool with constituents. State Sen. Don Huffines, R-Dallas, apologized for his tone but said he is unapologetic in his support for school choice. The senator appeared in studio to discuss what happened, reiterate his apology, and answer questions on whether it was really an ambush-style attack like his office described it. Sen. Huffines was also asked whether he is urging his twin brother, Phillip Huffines, chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party, to run for state senate if Van Taylor’s seat comes open.


Going into this legislative session, many predicted school vouchers stood its best chance in years of passing. A bill in the Senate would give parents the state's portion of money that is sent to their child's school and let them use it to help fund private school. That Senate idea now appears dead in the House. Alana Rocha, political reporter for the Texas Tribune, filled in for Ross Ramsey this morning and discussed that, what made immigration and racism flare up in a House debate over CPS, and rumors about some legislators secretly recording their colleagues on the House floor.


Video of state Senator Don Huffines, R-Dallas, in a heated exchange with teenagers and PTA parents got a lot of people talking this week including Ed Gray from the Commish Radio Show. He presents his argument against school vouchers in My Voice, My Opinion.


Hundreds of people are expected to rally at the Rockwall amphitheater this afternoon. A group called Indivisible DFW organizing it. The group sprouted up in the months after the November election; worried about authoritarianism and partisanship. They're using Tea Party tactics to get their message across but insist they are not the Tea Party of the left. Jay Malone, one of the leaders of the local chapter, joined host Jason Whitely to discuss the group’s future.


President Trump's first address to Congress won over many skeptics. There's one major issue though that the president did not mention. That sparked this morning's Flashpoint. From the right this week, Wade Emmert, former chairman of the Dallas County Republican Party, and from the left, former Democratic State Representative Domingo Garcia.


Reporters roundtable puts the headlines in perspective each week. Bud and Alana returned to discuss which seats Democrats might target in 2018, why Mike Collier is running for lieutenant governor rather than governor, the purpose of the Sandra Bland Act, and whether Attorney General Ken Paxton's defense attorneys are more confident going into his state criminal trial now that federal charges are formally dismissed.