Refusing to stand for the national anthem is the latest lightning rod in American culture. It's a political protest over police brutality which some consider disgraceful and disrespectful. But high school athletes are now taking part. Joining host Jason Whitely and Bud Kennedy of the Star-Telegram is Carl Sherman, Jr., the board president at DeSoto ISD. The girl’s high school volleyball team there recently joined the protest. Sherman explains why many should be slow to judge the athletes silent protest. (Don't see video? Tap here.)

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz faced a lot of political pressure before finally caving and endorsing Donald Trump. Then at the Texas Tribune’s TribFest last weekend in Austin, Cruz refused to say whether Trump was fit to be president. Ross Ramsey, the executive editor and co-founder of the Texas Tribune, discussed whether the endorsement will help or hurt Cruz going forward, why Texas House Speaker Joe Straus selected a Dallas Democrat for the Ethics Commission, and the outgoing lawmakers who say public education needs more money. (Don't see video? Tap here.)

Republicans consider themselves the party of patriotic values. But Mercedes Olivera asks why is the GOP trying to limit people from exercising a basic constitutional right? She explains in My Voice, My Opinion. (Don't see video? Tap here.)

Glenn Beck traveled the country campaigning for Ted Cruz during the Republican primaries. But Beck now questions Cruz's principle after the senator endorsed Donald Trump. He's not the only one. Can Cruz still label himself a principled conservative? That’s one of the questions posed to Jordan Powell, a Republican consultant who runs RedRight Strategies in Dallas and worked as the deputy campaign manager for Mike Huckabee. (Don't see video? Tap here.)

A week from tonight, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump meet again for their second debate. On Flashpoint this morning, a look back at lessons learned from the first matchup. From the right, Mark Davis of 660 AM The Answer and from the left, author and producer, Katie Sherrod. (Don't see video? Tap here.)

Reporters roundtable puts the headlines in perspective each week. Bud and Ross returned to discuss what happened in the first presidential debate and what to expect in the second, how Texas lawmakers might respond to news of an undocumented immigrant who murdered two Dallas men in a violent crime spree last week, and Rick Perry’s future. (Don't see video? Tap here.)