A Texas sheriff got steamed at state government and took his complaint to a familiar late-night audience: Facebook.

By the next morning, sheriffs statewide were joining Wise County Sheriff Lane Akin’s protest against new state fees that blindsided local officials.

Within three days, Gov. Greg Abbott asked officials to cancel plans to charge for laboratory evidence analysis.

Net savings to Texas counties next year: $5.8 million.

“I guess I got spun up a little bit,” Akin said. That’s retired Texas Rangers narcotics investigator talk for getting agitated.

“I posted it that night and went to bed. By the next morning, we got calls and messages from as far away as Houston.”

On Tuesday at 8:49 p.m., Akin posted on Facebook shaming the Texas Department of Public Safety and threatening to charge $50 per night for each state prisoner in the county jail.

The newly imposed state fees — $550 per sample for testing DNA, $225 for testing methamphetamine and $150 for toxicology — were “unprecedented,” he wrote.

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