DALLAS (WFAA) -- The candidates will debate for the third and final time Wednesday night to secure the votes of those still undecided but Texan voters could be listening for a few things in particular.

Immigration and economy are likely the policy issues at the forefront for Texans that head to the ballot box according to Texas Tribune editor-in-chief- Emily Ramshaw.

“Obviously, that is an area where (conservatives in Texas) see a lot of alignment with Donald Trump,” she said.

But this year’s election has been dominated with headlines outside the scope of policy decisions. Social issues and the personalities of the two candidates will probably have an impact on how voters make their decision.

“It has become so mired in the drama of personalities and questions about gender and questions about race,” said Ramshaw. “I think that has really sucked a lot of the policy air out of this campaign.”

With polls trending towards Hillary Clinton, one of the things Texans will be watching for is a possible slip-up. Ramshaw believes without a major mistake, the victory will belong to Clinton.

“I think the election is virtually over. I think the only thing that could turn the tide in Trump’s favor is if Clinton fumbled in a major way tonight,” she said. “I think at this point if you look at the electoral map, she has it mostly locked up.”

Clinton has recently purchased television ad time in the state of Texas, suggesting she believes she can carry a state which has long been a lock for Republican presidential candidates. If she hopes complete the massive shift and win Texas, Ramshaw believes she will have to come up with answers to key questions and look good doing it.

“I think Texans are going to be looking to see if she stumbles about questions about her emails, but really they are going to be watching to see if she keeps her cool.”