We all know the clock is ticking ahead of the election, but one deadline is coming up even faster. Tuesday, Oct. 11 is the last day to register to vote.

Confused about how to do that? Here's an explainer.

Texas Secretary of State Carlos Cascos advises those who need to register to print out an application, fill it out and mail it to the voter registrar in their county. Go here to electrically fill in and print out the application and go here to find the appropriate address for your county. As long as the application is postmarked by Oct. 11 or earlier, the application should go through.

For those who need to update their information with details such as a new address, go here.

Go here to find out if you are already registered to vote.

Poof! You're registered to vote. Now go here to inform yourself with what's on the ballot. Early voting is Oct. 24 through Nov. 4 and election day is Nov. 8.