Debate on the so-called "bathroom bill" on the Senate floor could begin as early as today. Last week, the legislation survived a marathon hearing during which senators heard 13-plus hours of public testimony from hundreds of Texans, mainly against the legislation. They voted to advance the bill.

What you need to know:

  • Senate Bill 6 would require transgender people to use bathrooms in publicly-owned facilities that match their "biological sex." Proponents of the bill say it is about privacy, but opponents say the bill is discriminatory.
  • The bill isn't exactly the same as the one that state Sen. Lois Kolkhorst first proposed. While the revised version of the legislation remains largely unchanged, it removed a section that would have increased penalties for certain crimes committed in a bathroom or changing facility. Here’s what the whole thing means in plain English.
  • If it passes the Senate, the bill still has a long road to becoming law. The House isn't as warm to the bathroom bill. “Clearly, I’m not a fan of the bill that they’re discussing,” House Speaker Joe Straus told reporters last week.