As President Donald Trump took the stage in Arizona to rally his base in wide-ranging remarks, he was also energizing his opposition.

Not far from downtown Dallas, a coalition of some 40 activists from a broad spectrum of groups gathered to plan their response to the President Trump's visit to Dallas for a fundraiser next month.

"Whenever you play to the politics of fear, the politics of hate, sooner or later, righteous people, good people will stand up to that," said Domingo Garcia, president of LULAC 102.

Garcia helped organize the group of activists, which joined together earlier this year for the Mega March in Downtown Dallas. The group included political leaders, as well as members of the NAACP, Next Generation Action Network, LULAC and other groups.

Tuesday night, they voted collectively to protest President Trump when he comes to Dallas for a fundraiser September 27. They began discussing how to keep participants safe and peaceful.

They also planned their response to the implementation of SB4 on Sept. 1. The state law will allow local law enforcement to ask about immigration status, and opponents fear it could lead to racial profiling.

Soraya Colli, an activist who was born in Dallas to immigrant parents, said she is now carrying a passport in her car because she worries about being detained because of the color of her skin.

"I don't want to be targeted by police. I don't want to be detained by police just because I'm Mexican," she said.

The coalition voted to picket outside Carrollton Police Headquarters Sept. 1 when the law takes effect.