ALPINE, Texas — Police in the southwest Texas town of Alpine have reached out to the public in their quest to find information related to a truck they impounded during their investigation into the disappearance of Zuzu Verk.

Authorities say a forensic team is currently processing the 2005 gray Ford F-150 truck.

Police released two images of the truck and asked the public to relay any information pertaining to the vehicle's whereabouts during the early morning on October 12, the day Verk was reported missing. While the truck has white magnetic business decals, police said they may have been removed during the time in which authorities are interested in its movement.

Zuzu Verk missing

Investigators have identified Verk's boyfriend as a person of interest in the case but say he's refused to cooperate with them. Verk's family identified him as Robert Fabian.

A reward for answers to Verk's case is now at $100,000.