DeSoto police department raided a home owned by former NBA player Chris Bosh Friday morning.

The target of this investigation is his mother, Freida Bosh.

The investigation started on Nov. 10 with a traffic stop of a car that left the Bosh house. Police found baggies containing cocaine and marijuana and several empty baggies with residue.

A week later authorities started surveillance on the Bosh house for several weeks and observed people coming and going from the home.

DeSoto PD received information from several sources that a large amount of vehicle traffic was coming and going from 902 St. Georges Place. Sources further told police that they also saw several “hand to hand” drug type transactions occurring outside the residence.

On both November 28 and December 5, officers went undercover to pick up the trash bags in front of the house on a regularly scheduled garbage pick up day for the neighborhood, and took the bags back to the police station where they discovered more traces of drug residue.

An investigation confirmed the information provided by several sources and police requested and were granted a no-knock warrant.

Police say as a result of the search warrant, detectives seized a large amount of drug paraphernalia which is indicative of narcotics trafficking. No arrests were made. The investigation is ongoing at this time.

DeSoto PD says Chris Bosh is not a suspect in this investigation.