Rangers fans don't need to be at the ballpark or in front of a TV to connect with the action at tonight's home opener.

The team showed off social media tools they're using Monday to interact with fans this season, and they have all the bases covered.

"Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, the big four," said Rangers Social Media Director Kaylan Eastepp. "Google Plus, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Periscope, I'm sure there's another one that I'm forgetting!"

Eastepp is a longtime Rangers employee who started their social media department several years ago. Initially, it was a one-woman effort, but now the Rangers are keenly focused on social media. 

Eastepp leads a three-person team that has full run of the ballpark during games, and staffers also travel with the team to away games. They do play-by-play during games on Twitter, as well as fun posts with Rangers stars.

"Anything showcasing the players personality, being up close with them, fans really get a kick out of that," said Eastepp.

Major League Baseball has encouraged teams and fans to embrace social media, including live streaming from ballparks during games. The league has also created custom emoji versions of Rangers players that the team and fans can use in tweets and posts. Eastepp said some players also use their own emoji as avatars online.

Starting today, fans can also customize their own social media presence to show their love for the Rangers.

"You can go in and create your Bitmoji and outfit yourself in Rangers gear," said Eastepp.

The new Bitmoji feature is available to Snapchat users at the ballpark via geotargeting. The team also has custom filters for fans to use in snaps. 

"We want all the fans that cannot be in the stadium, because we know we have a limited number of seats, [we want] everybody at home to be able to feel like they are here," said Eastepp.