Andy Weeks doesn't know what to do with his new house guest at his Northeast Dallas won't come down from a tree in his backyard.

"It hasn't really moved from there for about four days," Weeks said.

Last week the Army veteran came home from church to find a peacock perched in his backyard. He says the bird hasn't moved all week.

"Well people tell me it will eventually leave but I'm worried for it," Weeks said.

Weeks called local zoos and animal services, both places told him he was out of luck.

"The zoo says it doesn't have peacocks, only flamingos," Weeks laughed.

WFAA also called animal services and they also told us they don't collect peacocks, saying the birds were "especially difficult." None of this is help to Weeks who has been keeping watch over the colorful bird in his backyard for days.

"I hope someone sees this and can help me and get this bird to where it belongs," Weeks said.

He's hoping a wildlife organization or group will see this story and know of a way to help. He has no clue where the bird came from but knows it doesn't belong in his backyard.

"I've never seen a peacock but I've gotten the bird many times in life," Weeks joked.

Weeks says the peacock's arrival is a mystery, and he hopes to solve it but he needs a little help.