DALLAS -- A group of four women are suing a Denton-based limo driver and company for negligence after a night out that they say left them with physical and emotional injuries.

In January, Kashawne Williams planned a "girls night out" to celebrate a close friend who was soon moving out of Texas. She decided to hire a limo, booking with Metroplex Limousines in Denton.

"I mean, you want to be responsible," said Williams. "I knew we were going to be drinking and there were about eight of us total."

On Metroplex Limousine's website, it says the owner is Randal Beamon, and that’s who the women say was driving them in the early hours of January 15. When their fun night was winding down, everything changed.

"It was time to go in, and that’s when the accident happened," said Williams.

It was at the intersection of Lemmon and Washington in Dallas, near the Cityplace shopping center west of Central Expressway. The crash report says Beamon had a seizure behind the wheel, sending them speeding across lanes and into a wall. It also says Beamon told the officer who responded that he’d had one seizure before. He was also driving with a suspended license.

"Why would you put yourself in that position where you can not only cause yourself harm, but where you can cause other people harm as well?" asked Montegut.

She, Williams, and two other women in the limo that night, Monique Guthrie and Marquita Lewis, hired attorney Hunt Bonneau, and are suing the driver and the company for negligence.

"There were a number of safety rules that weren’t followed and when that happens you have people who get hurt," said Bonneau.

WFAA reached driver Randal Beamon by phone Monday, who told us he does not have a seizure condition, telling us, "That was one time I had one, I haven’t had one since, or before then."

That’s not what he told police. And it’s even more upsetting to the women who trusted him.

"If you have people’s lives in your hands, regardless of what it is, you have to take that very seriously," said Williams.

Beamon said he's not currently driving professionally. When asked about the suspended license, and whether or not he is still operating any drive-for-hire businesses, he had no comment.