DFW AIRPORT -- Nearly a thousand miles from Tampa the stress over Hurricane Irma is felt at Dallas/Forth Worth International airport.

Samantha Norman grew up in Florida - she's waiting for her Mom, Sister and the family dog who are on the last American Airlines flight out of the Tampa to Dallas.

"She called me this morning and said we're boarding...I said thank God," Norman said.

Tampa International Airport announcing a complete shutdown as of 8:00 pm Saturday - this as Hurricane Irma is expected to bring life threatening winds to South Florida in the next 24 hours.

Agusto Bayro and his family plan to wait out the storm in Dallas as well.

"We bought these tickets a few days ago and we didn't realize how close it was going to be to the Hurricane," Bayro said.

Bayro has business in North Texas - but on this trip time he brought his wife and parents with him.

"We were nervous because we saw all the flights after ours had been canceled so we weren't sure if it was going to be the same for us and we were just very happy to get out of there and be safe with the family all together," Bayro said.

A feeling that Norman could relate to just a few minutes later as she's reunited with here mom and sister.

"It was a really great flight and I was just really relieved to get out of Florida and I'm just terrified for everyone that's still there," Nicole McKenzie, Norman's Sister said.

A sentiment felt by so many on American Airlines flight one eighty one - happy to be out of the hurricane's path but worry for those who couldn't make it out.