Suzy Losoya and Cheri Hanes are daughters who are desperately seeking answers.

70-year-old Michael Chambers vanished four weeks ago today from his Quinlan home.

“It was a very normal day,” Losoya says.

Her sister adds, “He went to Walmart. He bought some things for his wife. He brought them home. Put them where he normally puts them. It looks like he went out into his shop and started doing work on the car and then from there we don't know."

The retired Dallas firefighter’s wallet, keys and truck were all there. Money from his wallet, his driver's license and his cell phone were all that was missing. Hunt County investigators found several drops of his blood inside a shed on his property.

But there were no obvious signs of a struggle.

“It’s unimaginably frustrating, the not knowing,” Cheri Hanes said. “There’s just no words to put to it that does it justice how incredibly frustrating it is.”

Her husband, Alan Hanes, believes he might have helped someone.

“He would have gone out of his way to help someone else though,” he said. “If someone came up this house and said, ‘Hey, I need some help with something, he wouldn't have even thought about it twice.’

Chambers was well known around Quinlan and had no known enemies. He was a good friend of Hunt County Sheriff Randy Meeks.

Chambers had retired after 36 years as a firefighter.

His family says he was an active man. He was in a car club, built a muscle car and loved going to car shows.

“He’s like a 40 year old but with bad knees,” Cheri Hanes says.

“Firefighter knees,” her sisters says, finishing the thought.

He also was also adored by his children and grandchildren, the sisters say.

“If you were at a family gathering with us and everybody was sitting around and talking and visiting,” Losoya says. “this is the man who would be on the rug in the middle of the room with five grandchildren piled up on his back, bad knees and all, like it's a rodeo He loves the kids."

Billboards have gone up to publicize the Chambers case. The family recently changed the $25,000 reward to seeking his safe return to information about his whereabouts.

“We need to know,” Cheri Hanes says. “People don't just disappear.”

“I can’t imagine not knowing. I can't believe it's been a month,” her sister adds. “How do people who go for years and not know cope with it?”

The sisters say he would never have just walked off.

“He would never put us through this,” Cheri Hanes said.

Repeated searches have turned up nothing to indicate his whereabouts. The sheriff's department will be searching again Saturday.

“Our fondest wish is that he walks back through the door,” Cheri Hanes says, “but if that's not possible, we just need to know.”

Anyone with information regarding his case is urged to call the Hunt County Sheriff's Office at (903) 453-6800.