The North Texas Tollway Authority will increase toll rates starting July 1.

On average, TollTag member rates will adjust a penny per mile, from 17.06 to 18.01 cents. ZipCash customers pay 50 percent more than the TollTag members do.

TollTag members, 80 percent of toll road users, use prepaid accounts to receive discounted rates.
ZipCash customers – those who choose not to have a TollTag – are invoiced at a higher rate each month
for their use of NTTA toll roads. ZipCash customers who become TollTag members will receive TollTag discounted rates and actually lower their toll road costs. NTTA offers the $20 Starter TollTag and a cash-backed TollTag option, managed by the customer, so infrequent toll road users can still get discount rates.

You can check out the new toll rates and find out what your trip costs by going to