Tony Romo’s expected release Thursday by the Dallas Cowboys comes before superfan Raymond Ortiz could finish his most personal tribute to the star quarterback. But he’s left room on his “canvas.” And even if his career as a Cowboy is over, the Romo tattoo is scheduled for early next month.

"Wherever he goes I'm gonna root for Romo, not that I'm gonna root for that team. I want Romo to do good. Always. And I hope I see him in the Super Bowl,” Ortiz said.

We’ve featured the photogenic Mr. Ortiz on Channel 8 News before. He’s the man with three children named after his favorite team. His daughter’s nickname is Little Star but his sons’ legal names are Dallas Cowboys Ortiz and Cowboy Landry Ortiz. His three vehicles, including an El Camino he calls “The Star”, are decked out with Cowboys decals including every name of the Ring of Honor on the El Camino hood.

And on his own body, he’s the guy who had Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliott tattooed on his chest. (when he got Prescott to autograph his chest…he had that permanently tattooed too.) Last year he had a likeness of Cowboys owner Jerry Jones tattooed on his right ribs and Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett tattooed on his left ribs.

Now, even though Romo’s career as a Cowboy is likely over, the Romo tattoo will go on the right side of Ortiz’s stomach. He’ll be throwing a tattooed football across Ortiz’s navel to Jason Witten he will be tattooed on the left.

His preferred artist at Ink House Tattoos in Irving has him scheduled for the first week of April.

"Like I said I love Romo. I love Romo. You gotta understand that man broke his back, literally for us you know."

So the man whose home in south Dallas also includes a Cowboys-themed bedroom, where he says his three Cowboys babies were “made”.....says a poster that includes Romo will always be on the bedroom wall.

After all, the passenger door of his El Camino - says "Cowboys, Life and Family". And he says Romo will always be family. And soon - always in ink.

By the way Ortiz also has plans to immortalize Dallas Mavericks star Dirk Nowitzky becoming the 6th NBA player to reach 30,000 career points.

Dirk, in his patented fall back jumper, will go on Ortiz’s right thigh.