COLLEYVILLE, Texas- The way Kim Wakefield tells it, the blue heron she's now nicknamed 'Hope' has called the pond at Kimzey Park home for about five years.

But right now, she simply hopes the bird lasts another five days.

"A lot of people are praying for her," says Wakefield. "It's been too long and we're just not sure how much longer she can live like this."

About two weeks ago, residents in the area noticed that the bird had somehow gotten plastic wrapped tightly around its beak.

Efforts to rescue the beautiful heron have fallen short.

"We've been out here every afternoon, every afternoon," says Wakefield. "We've been trying to train it by using fish to get it close, and we have nets."

She says the heron can open its mouth just enough to feed on scraps.

A wildlife expert came by a few days ago and almost netted the heron, but it flew away at the last moment.

Murray Cohen brought binoculars on Monday afternoon in hopes of spotting her.

"Sometimes, she'll perch on a rooftop," he says. "It [the bag] has gotten caught on these barbs inside the mouth. There's no way for this bird to get it off naturally."

A Colleyville spokesman said on Monday that they've received calls about the bird since Halloween.

But animal control officers have been unable to catch it to remove the plastic, according to Dustin Danglie, the city's communication's coordinator.

Wakefield said an animal rescue group is on standby if anyone is able to carefully capture Hope in the next few days.

"We're worried she may go off and die somewhere where we can't help her," said Wakefield.

Monday was the first day she wasn't spotted at the pond.