FORT WORTH -- The family of a 21-year-old young woman who authorities say vanished with a Dallas murder suspect desperately want the girl back home safely.

Jasmine Adams abruptly moved out of her family's home in south Fort Worth on January 1.

There hasn't been a word since.

"To not know where she is, it hurts. I don't know if she's hurt or okay. I just don't know," Lora Bacy said through tears on Sunday.

Bacy is Jasmine's mother. She said they would talk about everything, which is why it was puzzling when she left three weeks ago.

"I said, 'If you ever need me, I'm right here. You can always come back.' She closed the door and I haven't seen her since," said Bacy.

Her daughter's decision to suddenly move out also raised suspicions because of the man who convinced her to leave.

"I didn't trust him," she said. "Wouldn't look at me in the eye."

Dallas police say that man is Brandon Sampson.

Brandon Sampson, 31. (Dallas Police Department)

He's now wanted in connection with a murder investigation involving a Dallas woman, Jacqueline Hughes. Her body was found in Sampson's home a week and a half ago.

"Detectives came here four or five days ago," said Bacy. "He showed me a mugshot and I said, 'Yes, that's the man my daughter left with."

The family has filed a missing person's report for Jasmine.

Bacy says they fear for her safety. She hasn't been active on social media, something she'd regularly update, for days.

Mom has tough words for the man she fears lured her daughter away.

"I pray that God touches your soul so you can stop doing what you're doing, and let my baby go."

The family, along with the No More Violence organization, are holding a prayer vigil for Jasmine this Saturday at 4 p.m. at Host Church: Highland Hills MBC on Savage Drive in Fort Worth.

Dallas police continue to investigate both the homicide of Jacqueline Hughes, as well as Jasmine's disappearance.

Dallas Crime Stoppers is taking tips at 214-373-TIPS.