An early morning drunk driving accident left one injured and one dead on eastbound LBJ Freeway Saturday.

A female driver and her two male passengers were traveling eastbound on LBJ in their Escalade, when their car reportedly started feeling like it had a flat tire.

The driver pulled over in the apex of the Freeway and the Coit Road exit and her passengers got out to check on the flat. The men saw they had a flat, but no tools to change the tire.

At the same time, Jeffery Davis and his female passenger were also traveling eastbound on LBJ and took the Coit Road exit. Davis' pickup truck struck the back right of the parked Escalade, causing the Escalade to rotate clockwise.

The Escalade's back left struck one of the men who was standing outside of the vehicle, knocking him out into the first lane of traffic. He immediately got up and ran back to check on his friend Joel Banaca.

Banaca had been caught between the two vehicles and the impact knocked him up into the air. He came to a final rest in the middle of the Coit Road exit ramp. Banaca died at the scene.

Davis' truck traveled several hundred feet before coming to a stop, because his left front tire had been torn off the vehicle.

The female driver of the Escalade, who was pregnant, started having pain in her stomach when she saw that Banaca wasn't getting up and was taken to a nearby hospital by Dallas Fire Rescue.

No other injuries were reported. Jefferey Davis was tested for intoxication at the scene and placed under arrest for intoxication manslaughter.