If there's one thing Sandy Bucich has learned from her terrible ordeal, it's that some things are hard to replace. In this case it's her sense of security.

"Nothing has quite affected me quite like this," she said.

Sandy was the victim of a robbery that took place in her salon in downtown McKinney. At first she said nothing seemed out of the ordinary when the couple first walked in, which was caught on surveillance camera.

"[They were] very well spoken, very well groomed. I would have invited them home to dinner," said Bucich.
Also seen on surveillance video is the woman leading Sandy away from her register and away from her purse.

The man stays back, the video shows, and it was enough time for him to snatch the wallet from her purse, according to Sandy and McKinney police.

Police are investigating the crime. A spokesperson says an incident almost identical just happened at a salon in Flower Mound.

"I remember asking him, 'What are you doing behind my counter?'" Sandy asked.

When Sandy confronted them, the woman told her it was all a misunderstanding and even invited a pat-down. Sandy says he quickly swiped her hand away and denied taking anything. The woman kept repeating that they were Christians and her friend would never do anything like that.

Soon after, you can see the woman giving the salon owner a hug before the couple leaves.

"It's just the ultimate slap in the face. They just robbed you but then say 'God Bless You?'" Sandy said.

Police are hopeful someone will recognize the faces on surveillance video. If you have any information, you are encouraged to email McKinney police at mdpio@mckinneytexas.org. You can also call the non-emergency number at 972-547-2700.

"It's just wrong. It's wrong to do that to people and I don't want them to hurt anybody else," said Bucich.