DALLAS -- The race for president will again make a stop through Dallas for a rally on Monday night, but not for the front-runners.

Former Massachusetts Governor Bill Weld will be at Gilley’s to drum up excitement for candidate Gary Johnson. Weld is Johnson’s running mate atop the presidential ticket for the Libertarian Party.

Jill Stein of the Green Party is also running for the Oval Office as an alternative to the major parties.

Both Johnson and Stein ran for president in 2012 with each garnering less than 1% of the total vote. But the heated race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump might present an opportunity for third party candidates to attract more voters.

For both Johnson and Stein, winning might not be the most immediate goal. The magic number of 5%, approximately 15 million voters, is an important threshold for third party candidates because it qualifies their party for public funding per the Federal Election Commission, along with a level of legitimacy.

The latest USA Today poll shows Johnson pulling 6% of total voters while Stein is at 2.1%. In WFAA’s SurveyUSA Poll conducted last week, Johnson has 3% support in Texas and Stein has just 1%.

But third party candidates can also play the role of spoiler, stealing votes from one of the two major party candidates.

Bob Stein, a political expert, thinks Johnson and Stein's votes will be taken from Hillary Clinton.

“It appears that voting for Johnson or Stein candidacy and the Green Party probably takes one or two points away from Hillary Clinton, not Donald Trump," he said.

Doors to the Libertarian rally at Gilley’s open at 6 p.m. Monday before the event starts at 7 p.m.