A shocking video appears to show a man getting out of his car and pushing another man in front of a vehicle at a North Austin intersection.

A KVUE viewer said the video was taken at 4:30 p.m. on Thursday at the intersection of Highway 183 and Interstate 35. The viewer said that one of the men was standing at the intersection offering to wash windows of stopped vehicles when the driver of a Jetta exited his vehicle and started fighting the man.

The video shows the two men fighting with each other until the driver pushes the man who had been washing windows in front of a moving truck. The truck stops before hitting the man.

The witness said that the driver yelled to a woman in his vehicle to move to the driver's seat. The Jetta drives away when traffic starts to move but the man stays to continue the fight.

It is not clear from the video how the fight began.

Austin police said they did not receive a report of the incident.